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Super Excel for Dealerships

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As I point out in the introduction of this latest work, I had started a book on using Excel in the dealership environment, only to find out that Sandi Jerome herself had started working on one also. We decided to combine our efforts, and the result is truly a "Super Excel" book for use in the dealership. 

Almost 150 pages in length, Sandi and I provide in-depth coverage on useful Excel functions, keyboard shortcuts, workbook examples, macros, pivot tables, data extraction and more!

At a time when dealerships are trying to do more and more with less and less, this book will help you to do just that, by teaching you to use the tools in Excel and your DMS more efficiently.

The first half of the book provides an overview of Excel. If you've used Excel but are less than comfortable with it or wish you could learn to do more with it in the dealership, this portion will get you up to speed. You'll learn about some of the functions and formulas that make Excel more powerful, along with some of the many keyboard shortcuts that will make you faster and more efficient.

Then we delve into our examples: 3 case studies that will teach you how to build workbooks with good foundations and flexibility. You'll learn by example as we build 3 workbooks:

  • A car inventory analysis that creates its own subtotals and formats itself for printing.
  • A gross book analysis that analyzes the salesperson ranking by multiple criteria
  • A salesperson commission workbook that allows you to enter car deal and commission information with minimal effort after laying a good foundation. 

We conclude the first half of the book by modifying our commission workbook to save its own salesperson worksheets as individual Excel files. Then we show you how to write a short but powerful Microsoft Outlook macro that will email each salesperson his own commission worksheet!

Using a combination of built-in Excel tools along with step-by-step instructions on creating your own Excel macros, you'll learn how to create workbooks that will save you time and effort in the dealership.  

In the second half of the book, Sandi explains many of the differences between Excel 2007 and earlier versions. If you've made to move to Excel 2007, you'll learn how it allows you to be more productive by using its built-in tools.

From there, Sandi covers AutoFilters, Text Filters, Subtotals, and the much-overlooked Pivot Table, all using examples of data used in the dealership world. If you've never used Pivot Tables before or have used only its basic functionality, you'll be amazed at the amount of information you can summarize and analyze. Come audit-time, you'll have a new set of tools in your arsenal!

Sandi then exhaustively covers the subject of data extraction from the DMS. Whether your dealership has Arkona, ACS, Auto/Mate, Autosoft, ADP, ADAM, Dubuque, ARG (formerly EDS), DPC, Reynolds, or Power R&R (formerly UCS), there's something here for everyone. Sandi explains the procedures and techniques of getting the data out of your DMS and into Excel.

Super Excel For Dealership Management ,
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