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Expense Master

For ADP, R+R, and Auto/Mate.  Imports your expense files and allows you to see all the expenses for a certain vendor for the month – or see the combine expenses for a certain account number.  Perfect for seeing where your expense dollars are really going.  Click the image for more information.

Excel Super DOC Plus

Analyze your dealership's sales, gross profit, expenses, and net. Imports your income statement and creates meaningful tables and charts. Includes departmental analysis pages and built-in password protection so you can limit managers to their department's numbers. Click the image for more information.
Super Excel for Dealership Management

Learn how to use Excel to create your own customized workbooks for the dealership.  Extensive tutorials on data extraction from your DMS. Click the image for more information.

Advanced ADP Programming

Learn how to take control of ADP's Reflection application to create powerful and efficient programs of your own!

Includes an Excel DOC workbook that provides an extensive snapshot of your dealership's monthly numbers.

Labor Wizard for ADP

The Labor Wizard for ADP allows you to create customized downloads based on the service opcodes and ADP fields you select. Download any or all opcodes from your service history file, create and retrieve your own saved criteria to run at any time