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Labor Wizard For ADP

With the Labor Wizard, you can create your own customized downloads based on the service opcodes and ADP fields you select. Choose your own opcodes (or choose ALL in the service history file if you prefer), choose the ADP fields you want to see, enter your beginning and ending RO dates, and the Labor Wizard kicks in to create the RXR download based on your choices. The result is a csv file that opens with Excel. Afterwards, you can analyze the data by using the standard Excel tools such as sorting, subtotals, pivot tables and more!

If you regularly run reports based on a given set of opcodes and fields, you can also create and retrieve your own criteria. Save your selected set of opcodes and fields, then select it and click the Retrieve button to run it at any time.

As an added feature, included with the program is a sample spreadsheet and documentation provided by Sandi Jerome that illustrates how much you can learn by analyzing your downloads!

Labor Wizard for ADP, along with sample files, available exclusively through Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting at