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Expense Master for ADP, R+R, and AutoMate

Anyone who knows even a little about the file structures in their DMS knows that it's usually not very pretty. The information is there, but it's often scattered in so many places that you have to be part programmer just to figure out how to get to it and then make a complete picture from it.

Welcome to Expense Master from Grayfox Software and Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting. Expense Master takes that scattered data from Reflection (ADP), ERAccess/EraLink (R+R) or OfficeMate (Auto/Mate) and consolidates it into meaningful information. It's then imported into a special report we've created that enables you to see all the expenses for a certain vendor for the month – or see the combined expenses for a certain account number. It uses vendor and base account analysis. You can then print all or a portion of the report. Created in Excel, you can run and refresh monthly, then save as a monthly file, e.g. ExpensesJuly2010. By analyzing and saving your expenses, you are starting the first step to Sandi’s method of Item Expense Detail and reducing expenses (see Super Controller II Guide – Expenses.)

Video of the ADP version to create the download files

(Note: these are Windows Media Player files. You can watch online or right-click and choose Save As to download to your computer).

Expense Master is available exclusively on Sandi's website at: