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Now Available: The Excel Super DOC Plus

The Departmental DOC Pages

The Super DOC Plus! includes individualized DOC pages for New Car, Pre-Owned, Parts, Service, and Body Shop. Containing all the pertinent information from the overall DOC and Analysis pages, each department page has its own set of performance and timeline charts. A summary table tells the managers where they are during the course of the month, and the month and year-to-date analysis provides at-a-glance information on their sales, GP, expense and net numbers compared to budget and prior year. Requires no additional work on your part to prepare; it's all integrated into the dealership DOC.

The Welcome Page

Because dealerships might want the option of allowing departments to see only their department's DOC page(s), we've included security features in the new Super DOC Plus! The user is now presented with a Welcome page, where they can enter a user name and password, at which point the Super DOC Plus! will open their page or pages, depending on their access level.
The Access Page

Here the Super DOC Plus! administrator sets the access rights to those who use the DOC. The administrator has access to all pages, upper management to all DOC, analysis, charts, and department pages, and department managers their own DOC pages, including a Fixed Ops level that provides access to the parts, service, and body shop pages at once. All you need to do is complete the Super DOC Plus! report each morning and email it or put it on your network server. Each user can then access the page or pages you've allowed.
The DOC Page

An overview analysis of your dealership's gross profit. Includes a per-unit analysis for vehicles, and GP snapshots of all departments. A series of charts allow you to instantly see where you are compared to your target and last year's numbers.

The Analysis Page

Examines the numbers extracted from your income and expense report. Compares current numbers with last year's and current year targets. Handy feature allows you to switch between actual and estimated expenses, which you can fine-tune based on your expense expectations! Whether you choose actual or estimated, the individual department DOC pages also reflect that choice.

The Charts Page

Here you can see timelines for current year against target and last year for any department or total dealership. Select the department and category (sales, GP, expenses, or net), and all charts on the page instantly update to examine your selection.

New! Improved timeline chart view. The Excel Super DOC Plus! examines the minimum numbers in your timeline chart and sets the chart base to the lowest number in that range. This provides a much better detail view of your actual, budget, and prior year trends.
The Chart of Accounts Page

Part of the brains of the Super DOC! Contains a map of your income and expense accounts. After the initial setup, all you need to do is click the Import button, and the Super DOC imports all the latest numbers.
The Current Year Page

Along with the Budget page and Prior Year page, numbers are drawn from here to feed the DOC and Analysis pages. When you're ready to close the month, simply click the Close Month button and the Super DOC closes the current month and prepares the new one. At year end, the Super DOC automatically copies the current year data to Prior Year and prepares the workbook for the new year.
The Calendar Page

Set it and forget it! A perpetual calendar that allows you to select any days of the current month the dealership will be closed, and automatically adjusts for the correct number of working days. You can choose whether the dealership is open on Sundays and the Super DOC adjusts accordingly.
The Setups Page

Here you customize the Super DOC to your dealership. Set the dealership name and enter the expense categories from your financial statement. If your dealership's fiscal year begins in a month other than January, enter the month of your choice and the Super DOC automatically adjusts all the other pages! The Super DOC is automatically set to work with the ADP income statement, but if you have a different DMS, the Super DOC can work with other income statements. Simply enter the import settings for your particular report. You can instantly test the results to verify that your settings are correct. After that, the Super DOC is tailor-made for your dealership!
The Excel Super DOC Plus! is now available at Sandi Jerome's website: